Feb 16, 2016

Saugeen Shores Council will vote to endorse the DGR 1 in Kincardine on February 29, 2016.

Dear SOS Members and Friends,

On March 1, 2016, the Canadian Minister of the Environment and Climate Change is scheduled to accept or reject the report to approve the DGR 1 for radioactive waste.

In spite of overwhelming evidence against the DGR, and lack of widespread community consent, our local councils continue to express their support of OPG’s plans. They continue to state that there is acceptance of the DGR in our towns and county despite clearly demonstrated widespread opposition and they have prepared letters to send to the Minister before the March 1 deadline.

On Monday night, February 8th, Saugeen Shores Council approved an oral amendment to the agenda that will allow for a vote on February 29 to heartily endorse the OPG plan and the DGR report . The Municipality of Kincardine , the  Township of Huron-Kinloss, and Bruce County Council have already passed such  motions. Some of these endorsements include statements to the effect that the majority of citizens are unequivocal in their support of the support for the proposed deep geologic repository for low and intermediate nuclear waste.

This is NOT TRUE! There is no evidence of this support, only plain evidence to the contrary.

We must stop the Council of Saugeen Shores from endorsing the DGR 1 on our behalf! We must tell the Council of Saugeen Shores that the vote on February 29th should be to REJECT the DGR, not to endorse it. We must let the other local councils know that they have acted against their constituents wishes and best interests.

If you live in North America, this concerns you. If you live on or near the Great Lakes and rely on the fresh water they provide for your drinking water, and if you are opposed to our Councils endorsing the DGR, please send a letter this week. This is your water and your choice, not the choice of temporarily elected officials who have been convinced that a few thousand dollars is worth risking everything, with possible unintended consequences that will impact current and many future generations who rely on the Great Lakes for fresh drinking water, transportation, and its function as a major artery for not only regional economies, but for our national economic foundation.

Please JOIN US at the Saugeen Shores Council meeting in person on February 29 at 7:30 PM to object to this motion to support the DGR.  15 minutes prior to the Meeting, beginning at 7:10 p.m., an informal Open Forum is offered to any person to provide comments on the subjects related to items on the Agendas. Council Chambers are located at 600 Tomlinson Drive, Port Elgin.

Write to the Mayor and Council of Saugeen Shores, and also let Bruce County Council know that you strongly oppose their endorsement of the proposed DGR . In reaching out, be sure to copy members of the Federal Government, such as Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, and Ben Lobb, MP. Additionally, please include Ontario government representatives Premier Wynne and Lisa Thompson, MPP, in your list of recipients. Finally, as a small favor to us, please send a copy to SOS. For your convenience we have created an auto generated form letter to send to all relevant parties. Simply click on the link below and your native email client will auto populate with our form letter (which can be found here in a Microsoft Word document for those that would like to expand on our form letter and share their specific concerns). You simply have to put your name at the bottom of the email, review, and click send. All relevant parties will be automatically attached, including council members, members of the Ontario Government, and members of the Federal Government so that your voice is heard by your representatives at every level of government.

Click here to auto generate an email of opposition!

Spread the word. Forward our email to friends and family. Let them know what is at stake!

We will continue to keep our followers, supporters, and members kept abreast of our plans to stop the DGR from ever contaminating some of our most precious natural resources in the coming days and weeks.

Yours truly,

SOS Great Lakes / Save Our Saugeen Shores






Mike Smith, Mayor: mayor@saugeenshores.ca

Luke Charbonneau, Deputy Mayor: charbonneaul@saugeenshores.ca

Diane Huber, Vice Deputy Mayor: dhuber@saugeenshores.ca

Cheryl Grace,Southampton Councillor: cgrace@saugeenshores.ca

Don Matheson,Southampton Councillor: dmatheson@saugeenshores.ca

Neil Menage,Port Elgin Councillor: nmenage@saugeenshores.ca

Mike Myatt, Saugeen Councillor: mmyatt@saugeenshores.ca

David Myette, Saugeen Councillor: dmyette@saugeenshores.ca

John Rich, Port Elgin Councillor: jrich@saugeenshores.ca

Linda White, Clerk: whitel@saugeenshores.ca

Larry Alison, CAO: alisonl@saugeenshores.ca

SOS:  info@saveoursaugeenshores.org


Bruce County Council

Mayor Milt McIver : mmciver@amtelecom.net

Mayor Anne Eadie: mayor@kincardine.net

Mayor David Inglis: dinglis@brockton.ca

Mayor Paul Eagleson: peagleson@bmts.com

Warden Mitch Twolan: warden@brucecounty.on.ca

Mayor Robert J Buckle: rjb.sb@wightman.ca

Mayor Janice Jackson: mayorjanicejackson@gmail.com

Mayor Smith: msmith@bmts.com

SOS: info@saveoursaugeenshores.org


Federal Government of Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca

Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna:   Catherine.McKenna@parl.gc.ca

MP Ben Lobb: Ben.lobb@parl.gc.ca


Ontario Government:  

Premier Wynne: premier@ontario.ca

MPP Lisa Thompson:  lisa.thompsonco@pc.ola.org